NARI Insurance Program Agents

The NARI Insurance program is unique for its breadth of coverage and the fact that it is designed to be available to active NARI members through their preferred agents. There is no volume commitment. Current NARI agents can place coverage and be appropriately compensated by the carriers’ program administrator, BISA, for servicing the NARI member. The program is only available to active NARI members.

  1. Make sure your NARI clients have completely filled out the application on this website.
  2. Gather a copy of the client’s current policy (which will be necessary to match up class codes and coverages).
  3. Both of these documents should be sent to Brent Konieczny (

Upon receiving these documents the BISA underwriting team will quickly offer a proposal and comparison. Subjectivities, if any, will accompany the proposal.

In order to bind coverage you will need to sign the BISA Producer Agreement found at Here you will find the information necessary to bind accounts and gain authorization to issue certificates.   

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