Frequently Asked Questions


NARI Business Liability Insurance FAQs

Does your business need Liability Insurance?

No one can predict the future so it’s better to be safe than sorry. In a litigious age, even if you don’t foresee facing a claim from a client, it’s worth the investment. NARI’s Business Liability insurance coverage protects you, your business and your employees from accidents and issues that might occur on the job site. Liability insurance protects you from costly mishaps.

Does it make a difference with my Clients?

Yes. Clients want to hire a reliable and trusted partner to work in their homes. Having liability coverage conveys your commitment to being safe, planning ahead and overall responsibility. The more reassured a client feels the more likely they are to hire you.

What is included in the Liability Insurance Policy?

NARI’s Business Liability Insurance offers one of the most comprehensive insurance packages in the industry.  We created a custom designed program exclusively available to active NARI members.

The base policy includes:

  • General Liability with Products and Completed Operations coverage.
  • Contractor Pollution Coverage (Asbestos, Lead PCB’s etc.)  
  • Mold and Bacteria Coverage
  • Contractors Design-Build Professional Liability coverage
  • Cyber coverage
  • Automatic additional insured coverage
  • Automatic waiver of subrogation coverage
  • Employee Benefits Coverage


Why Pollution and Mold Coverage?

A few examples may answer the question.

An insured contractor of BISA was hired to repair the damage in a home after a kitchen fire. In replacing the refrigerator, their subcontractor apparently caused a small water leak. Two months after the job was completed the home owners noticed a moldy smell and found the both the leak and the damaged flooring. The homeowner did not just want the damage fixed, they also wanted additional damages alleging that she and her child were injured by the mold. The subcontractor was not only denied coverage – due to the fact that he did not have mold coverage – he also said that he was going out of business and had no appreciable assets. Fortunately for the contractor, BISA covered the issue and a settlement was reached outside of court.

Recently, a renovation contractor insured by BISA replaced windows in a home built in the 1940’s. Some months afterwards the homeowner claimed that a lead test indicated high levels of lead dust in the house. The contractor was not at fault; they had taken all appropriate measures to remove and replace the windows without any release of lead. It turns out there was lead paint throughout the house. Nevertheless, the homeowner sued the contractor for damages. Standard Commercial General Liability coverage would provide no defense nor indemnity for this claim. Because the contractor was insured by BISA his liability policy had contractor pollution liability coverage. The contractor was provided a successful defense of the claim. 


How much does it cost?

Pricing will be determined based on your specific policy. NARI’s Business Liability Insurance offers additional coverage to create a tailored package to support your company’s specific needs. You can choose to include additional coverage for employment practices coverage, contractor’s equipment coverage, workers Compensation and much more.


What if I already have coverage through my agent?

Changing policies can be complicated. NARI Business Liability Insurance program can provide a FREE comparison of your current coverage alongside the NARI Business Liability Insurance Program.   Visit nariinsurance.com to request a free quote.


Do I have to go through another agent?

No. The program was designed so that NARI members may use their existing insurance agent. Your agent will work directly with the NARI Business Liability Insurance Company to process the quote and activate the insurance. Alternatively if you currently don’t have an agent you can obtain your coverage and service directly through the NARI Business Liability Insurance company partner, BISA.







Can I add on additional coverage?

NARI’s Business Liability Insurance Program can be customized to meet your business needs. We offer the following as optional coverages: 

  • Employment practices coverage
  • Contractors equipment coverage
  • Owned or rented place of business property coverage
  • Bailee coverage   ( Care Custody and Control )
  • Commercial Auto Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella Excess Coverage
  • Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Contact BISA or your agent for the application of the company that best suits your needs. 


Do you offer Cyber Liability Insurance?

Yes; Cyber coverage is automatically included in the NARI insurance program. 


How does my agent get involved?

The NARI Business Liability Insurance Company, BISA, has a separate site where your insurance agent can register and become activated to complete the process. Let your agent know that they will be properly authorized to bind and service the coverage on your behalf; throughout the policy term they will be compensated appropriately for doing so. Once you agent is activated to secure the program we can switch over the policy immediately. When you bind coverage, BISA will assign a dedicated service member to you and your agent; they will assist you directly or through your agent. 


Can I get a quote to compare my current policy?

We want to support your business by offering the most comprehensive and complete business liability insurance in the industry. Visit us online at nariinsurance.com and submit the application along with a copy of your current policy and we’ll send you a side by side comparison for full transparency within 48 hours.


What might limit or jeopardize my current coverage?

The following conditions and exclusions in your current policy may limit or jeopardize your coverage:

Talk to your agent to get the details and understand what’s included or not included on your current policy coverage.


How do I report a claim against me?

It is important to report any form demand, claim, or suit filed against you as soon as possible. 

To report a claim call BISA at (800) 346-1031, or email Linda Burch at LBurch@bisa-inc.com. Read your policy for your obligations in the event that you receive a claim filed against you. 



Call or email your agent directly or BISA, Dennis Konieczny, BISA Program Manager, 800-346-1031, dkonieczny@bisa-inc.com